Capital City Bassmasters fished their 2nd to last tournament on Saturday the 25th out of Leesylvania State Park, and things have become very interesting going into the final tournament next month.

Congratulations to Erick F. for his 3rd win of the year, and his 2nd in a row including Big Fish at 4-10.5oz. Tommy E. placed 2nd and Jody M. finished up 3rd. Also, Mitchell P. took top non-boater with a nice limit of fish out of the back.

As a result of Saturday's tx, the standings for AOY have tightened up to mere ounces. Erick F. has come on strong the last two tournaments and moved into 1st place, but is holding that spot above Tommy E. by only 3.5oz. Also, Jody M. (bassva) moved up a spot to 3rd, and is currently in the final 'boater' position for next years VA Bass 6-man. Right behind him though, is Erik L. (gnfsnva), who is trailing by only about 12oz.

Our next tournament should be exciting and a lot of fun with things so tight. It's anyone's opportunity to win (or lose) come Saturday the 16th on the Chick. Bags have been getting bigger there every year, and I'm sure that it will boil down to just one bite, or just one mistake...

Erick F. with his Big Fish for the day:

Potomac Tournament Results:
1. Erick F - 5/5 - 10-11.5oz (Big Fish - 4-10.5oz)
2. Tommy E - 5/5 - 9-11.5oz
3. Jody M. - 5/5 - 8-8oz
4. Mitchell P. - 5/5 - 7-5.5oz
5. Erik L. - 3/3 - 6-6.5oz
6. Greg M. - 4/4 - 5-4oz
7. Steve L. - 0/0
8. Dave C. - 0/0

Tournament Stats:
Anglers/Bags: 8/6
Total Fish Caught: 27
Total Fish Released: 27
Limits Caught: 4
Big Fish: 4.65lbs
Total Weight Caught: 47.93lbs
Avg Bag Weight: 7.98lbs
Avg Fish Weight: 1.78lbs

Annual standings after 7 events (total weight - includes position change +/- from last tx):
1. Erik F. - 65.06 (+1)
2. Tommy E. - 64.84 (-1)
3. Jody M. - 54.09 (+1)
4. Erik L. - 53.31 (-1)
5. Mitchell P. - 47.34 (NC)
6. Greg M. - 37.94 (NC)
7. Dave C. - 29.06 (NC)
8. Scott C. - 16.75 (NC)
9. Dale A. - 6.16 (NC)
10. Steve L. - 5.50 (NC)

Annual Stats:
Anglers/Bags: 56/49
Total Fish Caught: 193
Total Fish Released: 193
Limits Caught: 27
Big Fish: 3.54 (averaged)
Total Weight Caught: 325.21lbs
Avg Bag Weight: 6.53lbs
Avg Fish Weight: 1.69lbs

If you are at all interested in our club and/or membership, please feel free to email me at or send along a PM.