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Thread: NOVA Bass Anglers 2011

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    Default NOVA Bass Anglers 2011

    NOVA Bass Anglers is looking to add to its roster of Members. We have openings for both boaters and co-anglers. For additional details please visit our website

    We have changed our format a little this year and will be fishing the Va Region 1 tournament schedule plus a few additional events. This will allow you the opportunity to fish several of the bodies of water through out Virgina as well as potentially qualify for post season tournaments all the way to the Forrest Wood Cup..Below is our 2011 schedule...

    March 12 - Kerr (Region)
    April 16 - Anna (Region)
    May 21 - Potomac (Region)
    June 11 - Chix (Region)
    August 20 - Potomac (NOVA)
    September 11 - Potomac (Region)
    October 8/9 - Potomac (Region Classic)
    November 5 - Potomac (NOVA)

    Please PM if you'd like more details or join us at our next meeting on February 8, 2011 at 7:30

    President NOVA Bass Club
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    just to let you know Gary, September is a region TX

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    This club still around?

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