Virginia Fly Fishing Reports and Conditions

A 12" brook trout on a dry from Bob Cramer! The season is here! Come watch Weston Reynolds this Saturday tie flies from 10-2. Also mark your calendars for our Open House Saturday, April 2nd.

James and Shenandoah River
If you like early season smallmouth fishing now would be a great time to hit the Shenandoah! Water temps are in the 50's and the big smallmouth are eating crayfish and big baitfish patterns. You will want to spin fish tubes and jigs deep or fish with a sink tip, intermediate, or sinking line to get your flies deep around the ledges. Note- the smallmouth are still in their winter holes so you will need to FIND the fish in order to be successful. Target the long, deep, flat pools that have multiple ledges. Prospect all ledges until you get a strike. Typically once you find 1 fish, you have found a large pod of fish. Fish methodically and slow with your patterns to find the big ones. You can also expect a few big largemouth to be hungry as well! Fishing should continue to improve as the water warms up!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams
A few of the West slope streams are fishing well. Dry River, Skidmore Fork, North River Upper, Ramsey's Draft, and St. Mary's are prime and ready to fish. Be sure to have some attractor dry flies in your vest with plenty of floatant. Nymphs and streamers like prince, hare's ear, and pheasant tails as well as buggers, retrievers, dace, and mickey finns will work if the fish aren't looking up. Keep an eye out for caddis and quill gordons over the next week!

Spring Creeks
Mossy Creek, Beaver Creek, Spring Run, South River SR, and Susie Q Farm all look incredible. Insect hatches are very spotty so be prepared to throw streamers and big nymphs especially if water levels are high or the creeks are stained. Kreelex, Crystal Buggers, Kiwis, Zondkers, Muddlers, Near Nuffs, and other large profile flies should be in your vest when you hit the water. You should be able to get away with 0-3X fluorocarbon tippet on a short leader during high water events. Susie Q is almost fully booked on weekends until June at this point. We do still have a few weekdays left. We are also almost fully booked on weekends for our guided trips until June as well. Be sure to call soon if you have a gift certificate for a trip or would like to book a day during peak season.

Managed Trout Water
This section focuses on Virginia's Stocked, Delayed Harvest and Special Regulation Waters. All our local state stocked waters are looking great for the weekend. The Jackson, Back Creek, North River DH, South River DH, Bullpasture, Maury, Dry River, Tye, Rockfish, and many of the other State stocked waters are at great levels, temperatures, and fishing well. The weather looks good for the 10 day with chilly nights but mild days. Load up on big nymphs and streamers with 3-5X leaders and have at it!

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