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Thread: Claytor, 10 JUN 2011

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    Default Claytor, 10 JUN 2011

    JayT and I got a half day in before he left to pick up his boat. Turned out to be a fair morning.

    Put in at the state park. Saw 74 degrees there w/ clear water. Temps ranged from 81 to 79 on the main lake. Water was cooler uplake (in the river) even though the water was heavily stained.

    We kinda motored around so I could show Jay the lake (he'd never seen it). Managed a [very] short SM on a popper before Jay hooks up on the nice chunk in the pic. Frogs aren't just for grass. Jay hooked this one in a logjam. He had quite a few blow-ups on the frog all morning but no other hook-ups. We did manage a few shorties on a PacTac jig (Brian's Fall Craw) and plastics. We managed the black bass slam today - LM, SM, and a few spunky Claytor spots. The LM in the pic was our only keeper.

    Observsations: 1) Lotsa small baitfish pods all over in creeks, coves, and cuts. No feeding associated w/ these. 2) Fish were tight to wood for the most part today. We did have quite a few strikes off of chunk rock but had a lot of misses. Don't think the fish were fully committed to taking the bait in many cases. 3) Fish were holding along breaks for the most part. Where wood, rock, and break came together we connected on fish. 4) We did see some topwater action in the backs of creeks. Probably stripers juding by the size of the splashes.

    All in all, a fun day on the water. We were off by noon, just in time to avoid the weekend madness.


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    Nice frog fish!

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    That won't keep till this weekend on the river, just sayin...........

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