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Thread: Bioplots launches Mineral Supplement line

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    Default Bioplots launches Mineral Supplement line

    Bioplots has launched its "Buck-it" mineral supplementation line. Our supplement is loaded with the specific minerals required for improved antler growth and aids does during lactation. This highly nutritious milk is then passed along to the fawns. Healthier fawns with larger frames grow into larger bucks later in life. Our premium mineral supplement includes large amounts of calcium and phosphorus along with vitamins and electrolytes to ensure maximum absorption.

    Pick it up at my farm if you are near south central va, or order online and have it shipped to your door.


    H.R. Carver
    Food Plot Services

    Buy my mineral blends online

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    Sweet! I am need of some in a month or so when I run out - will give it a shot

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