James and Shenandoah River
The James is running brown and high. With current river forecasts we won't be on the river until Sunday or Monday now. This has been a great season so far. With smallmouth to 22" and largemouth over 6 pounds who could ask for more? The recent rains may have blown us out for a few days but water levels will most likely last us into mid September. We will be on the water again starting Friday and will continue to update the fishing reports.

Mountain Brook Trout Streams
The mountain streams are looking pretty pitiful right now. Give Switzer Reservoir a try for some big brookies early morning or late afternoon. We recommend fishing the spring creeks right now or heading down to the Smith or Holston if you need a trout fix. Once we get some major rainfall we will be right back up in the mountains!

Spring Creeks
The Hex's have been so thick the fish have been picky some mornings. The tricos are coming off early on warm days and later on cool days. You will find emerging insects around 8AM on the cooler mornings with a spinner fall around 10AM. On warm mornings the tricos are sometimes thick at 6:30AM and falling around 8AM. Don't bother blind fishing tricos. Just fish a big ant, cricket, beetle, or grasshopper while looking for rising fish. If a fish refuses a big terrestrial try a small beetle, ant, or go with a size 20 trico. Most mornings we have not had to switch our hopper pattern. The public stretch has given up 6 fish over 18" this week. A few were caught on streamers during the rain on Monday and Tuesday. I had the pleasure of taking Chuck Kraft out on Tuesday morning early in the rain and fog and put him on over 20 fish before lunch time. We are fishing 9' 3X leaders for our big hopper patterns, 5X for the beetles, 6X for the ants, and 2X for the streamers. Mossy has been a bit crowded....and for good reason, everyone is catching fish and having a great time. Try the creek around 6AM or until about 8:45PM to beat the crowds. Have fun out there!

Managed Trout Water
We would recommend waiting until the fall stocking season begins in October before making a trip anywhere. Low, warm water has been plaguing our public stocked trout streams over the past 5 weeks.

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